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How to make Twisted fish tapes

Our twisted electrical fish tape is made by twisting 1-4 wires.

The reason for making fish tape by twisting is that the elasticity is improved and the friction force is reduced. So it can be easily used in narrow and winding places.

Electrical fish tape made by twisting takes more than twice the manufacturing process compared to non-twisted fish tape. However, the quality and performance are superior.

How to make Twisted fish tapes
How to make Twisted fish tapes

Video of making twisted fish tapes

We produce a variety of types up to 1, 2, 3, 4 strands twisted fish tapes with the length of 16~650ft (5~200M) depending on the purpose of electrical wiring or cable installation. Therefore you can use by selecting according to the desired work application such as household electric piping, communication piping, cable laying, etc.

More info. of our fish tape items

1 strand twisted fish tape

2 strands twisted fish tape

3 strands twisted fish tape

4 strands twisted fish tape

Cased twisted fish tape

Cable rods

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