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Drip Irrigation Hose

-Drip Hose-

Drip Hose for agricultural use

The newly developed DRIP IRRIGATION HOSE is safe by using soft plastic for medical use, unlike the existing product with a chip inserted, and it is 12mm thick, but it is easily bent, so it can be easily used in vinyl houses, external farms, and homes.


Using special materials, it is strong against UV rays and heat, elastic enough and available to use for a long period of time.

Further, the water is supplied strongly by making a small hole in 12mm, the water can spread like a drizzle, or the water supply can be adjusted by a valve to supply water little by little.

In addition, the high-end nozzles created through special perforating process solved the hole decaying problem of existing laser drilling method when the hose is exposed to ultraviolet.

Drip irrigation hose

Features & Advantage of  Drip Hose

1. Using transparent material, inside of the hose can be checked easily and elastic enough 

    to bent easily and easy to use.

    - Elastic and bent easily while not blocking   the water flow at 90 degrees bent.

Korean irrigation hose.jpg

 2. Easy to install by using the 12mm one-touch connection

    -Easy to chage direction

    -It can be connected to normal hose up to the area that doesn't need water injection,  and then

     the spray hose can be connected to use only in required area.

drip hoses.jpg

3. Depending on situation, it can be installed and used under the soil / on the ground or hanging.

   - Can be installed under the soil, ground or the location higher than the plants

4. Utilizing special perforating process that produce fine holes directly to hose, 

    watering large area by small volume of water is possible.

   - Fast water supply in small volume of water is possible owing to dense small holes.

drip hose.jpg

Specification of drip hose

Thickness of drip hose: 12mm (or buyer's request - MOQ 1ton)

Interval of hole: Buyer's request
Length: 100M (With hole or without hole) 

irrigation hose.jpg

Video of SF drip hose

You can adjust the water supply by adjusting the water supply with a valve.

 We are is looking for partners all over the world. 

If you are interested in distributing our "Drip Hose" please feel free to contact us.

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