Service and Delivery of Fish Tape

OEM and Delivery Service

OEM Service of "Super Fish" Fish Tape

We specialize in manufacturing Non-conductive Fish Tapes and are supplying the different size, color and packaging etc.


Also we serve you label of the design or designed bag to those who wish to create and distribute their own brands in the local area.

In addition, plastic case is also available together with fish tape inside.

Buyer can use buyer's own design with labels. Or can pack it in a plastic bag like the photo above using buyer's design.(Minimum quantity of labels: 1,000 | Minimum quantity of plastic bag: 5,000)

The minimum quantity is the minimum quantity required to make the label and plastic bag.
You can also work on less quantities of fish tapes by paying the packing fee.

OEM Service of Cased Fish Tape

You can change the color of the strand used in Cased Fish Tape and the color of the plastic case.

There are two cases of small and medium type, and there is a tube case using corrugated duct. All products can be attached with buyer's logo.

For cased fish tape, you can pack your cased fish tape by making your own designed boxes. (The box has a minimum purchase quantity of 1,000 pieces.) or plastic bag.

Packing & Delivery Service of fish tapes

In case of a small quantity order of fish tapes, it is sent by EMS, DHL, UPS, etc.

But in case of large quantity, it is shipped by air or container work to sea.

WE are looking for partners all over the world. 

If you are interested in distributing our "Super Fish" Non-Conductive Electrical Fish Tape, please feel free to contact us.