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SF-4 4-Strand Non-conductive Fish Tape

Four-strands fish tape was made by twisting PET strands.​

*All products can be customized with quantity orders.

We currently produce 30, 50, 100, 200M (100, 165, 330, 660ft) 4-strands non-conductive fish tapes in three colors (red, yellow, green). However, we can adjust the length and color according to the buyer's request.

4-Strands non-conductive fish tape is a powerful product. It is suitable for the most difficult electric wiring work or long distance and is also used for road construction.

SF-4 B/Y/R/G Fish Tape

Our electrical fish tapes are made of special plastic material, it is smoothly inserted into the pipe and conduit because of very smooth surface and reduces friction.


SF-4Y/R/G fish tape is suitable for working at an industrial place such as installing a street light on the highway.

Non-conductive fish tapes

Specification of 4-strands fish tape*

Length: 30(98)/50(164)/100(330)/200(660)M(ft)

Fish  Tape with three*Diameter, color, the length can be changed according to buyer's request. However, the minimum order quantity may be required when producing color, length  different and diameter.

Front Schematics

4-strands fish tape head

Designed just for 4-strands fish tape.
By minimizing the size of the introduction site head and maximizing the space to tie the wires, it has increased the convenience of work, coating the wire to strengthen the elasticity and prevent corrosion at the same time.

WE are looking for partners all over the world. 

If you are interested in distributing our "Super Fish" Non-Conductive Electrical Fish Tape, please feel free to contact us.

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