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Cable Rods - Fish Rods

Plastic coated fiberglass cable rods

*All products can be customized with quantity orders.

Introduction of cable rods

Cable Rods use plastic coated fiberglass to bend smooth and safe. and it is widely used for indoor electrical work as well as communication work.

We currently produce 10M (33ft) - (1M(3.3ft) per rod) fish rods in one color (Green & Brown).

It is light and easy to carry and is easy to use for interior work or simple electric wiring work.

SF Cable Rods

Our electrical cable rods are made of plastic coated fiberglass, it is smooth and safe

SF Cable Rods Model is suitable for working at interior work or factory wiring work.

Superfish Rods Green.jpg

Specification of SF Cable Rods

Fish  Rods Diameter, color, the length can be changed according to buyer's request. However, the minimum order quantity may be required when producing color, length  different and diameter.

More info. & Pictures of SF Cable Rods

cable rods.jpg

Advantage of SF Cable Rods

cable access kits.jpg

Accessories of SF Cable Rods

sf fish rod.jpg

WE are looking for partners all over the world. 

If you are interested in distributing our "Super Fish" Non-Conductive Electrical Fish Tape, please feel free to contact us.

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