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Cased Fish Tapes for OEM _ Green color

Sampling of OEM fish tape case products

At the request of the buyer, a sample of fish tape case product using green color was produced. 1-strand and 3-strands fish tape were used, and all black and green handles were used for the case.

The sample Fish TApe produced is as follows.

1 strand green 50M(164ft) with green handle

3 strands green 30M(98ft) with green handle

OEM fish tapes from Korea
OEM fish tapes with green handle

1 strand Green 50M(164ft) with All black case

3 strands green 30M(98ft) with All black case

OEM fish tapes with all black case
OEM fish tapes with all black case

More infomation of fish tape in case

The plastic case is divided into a handle and a body part. Mainly, the handle is made in black and red, and the body is made in blue and black.

Plastic case fish tapes
Plastic case fish tapes

The color can be combined with the handle and body, and you can also select the line color (yellow, black, red, green).

Combination of color
Combination of color

For more info.

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