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cased fish tape

Non-conductive electrical fish tapes

fish tape case

We are a specialized manufacturer of Fish tape.
We have developed
"Super Fish" non-conductive fish tape by concentrating on improvement of product performance for many years.


Launched in 2014, "Super Fish" is the ultimate Non-conductive fish tape product with excellent elasticity and softness. 


We produce a variety of types up to 1, 2, 3, 4 strands with the length of 16~650ft (5~200M) depending on the purpose of electrical wiring or cable installation. Therefore you can use by selecting according to the desired work application such as household electric piping, communication piping, cable laying, etc. 

electrical fish tapes

We make Non-Conductive Fish Tape with pride.

Non-conductive fish tape

Product Features

Solid Construction

The solid constructions prevents breaking and corrosion

Fast Conduction

With the coated lead wire, it presents excellent flexibility and conduction

Safe to Touch

With insulated coating, anyone can safely operate the wire with hands

Super Fish Non-Conductive Electrical Fish Tape

Fish Tape (Draw tape) has been designed to put an electric wire into a conduit easily and is a tool that, if an electrical worker pushes the electrical fish tape into the conduit and connects the wire with the front terminal hole of the fish tape coming out of the other side of the conduit before pulling the fish tapes, makes the wire pass through the inside of the conduit.

Using steel wire, instead of the fish tapes, to put the electric wire into the conduit in the past was a hard worker, and the wire got caught frequently inside the conduit.


On the contrary, our "Super Fish" Non-conductive Fish Tape uses gently-bent, special plastic materials, so working is not hard, and the wire, when pulled by the hand, can be inserted into the conduit without difficulty.

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